Three killed in fresh attacks on Benue communities

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Three persons were feared killed in a late night assault on Benue communities Thursday, residents have said. The victims were ambushed by assailants who hit villages around Anyiin, a major town in Logo Local Government Area that serves as a base for police special forces and has one of the biggest IDP camps.

They were all rescued and taken to NKST Hospital in Anyiin by police special forces, witnesses said. The first victim who died was identified as 40-year-old Orduuga Kumaga. Another victim was identified as Mnenge Orson, aged 30.

The attacks claimed a third victim whom residents identified as a man of Hausa ethnic group. He was riding on a motorcycle from his village in Akwana to Anyiin when he was killed. He was reportedly on the bike with a Tiv man, who was also critically wounded by gunshots and was receiving treatments at the hospital in Anyiin.

A female victim, Kanan Munduga, 18, has been transferred to Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi. Kavera Alfred, a medical personnel at NKST Hospital, said Ms. Munduga was transferred because she had lost too much blood than they could handle at his hospital.

The doctor said he was attending to two more victims, Abraham Terer, 23, and Ambua Shimer, a 40-year-old woman. The doctor said the victim’s medical bills had been covered by Terkura Suswam, a politician and founder of Ashi Polytechnic.


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