Who Is Sen Adamu Abdulahi Working Hard To Fool?

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In line with our earlier analysis of Senator Abdulahi and his fake political love for President Buhari after the arrest and arraignment of his son for several charges including money laundry, The Senator has suddenly found a voice for Buhari inorder to join the inner circles of Buhari’s ardent supporters and escape justice.

Yesterday, he granted an interview with Daily Trust where her was tireless trying to defend his attack on Former President Obasanjo by giving the wrong political analysis of things that didn’t happen. Read the details below:

What the government did under the leadership of President Buhari showed optimum maturity. Those of us who are not within the Presidency strongly believe that we have rights to make our opinions known on the issue.

We are necessary stakeholders in what Obasanjo said about the government. I am among the three arms of government, so when someone condemns the performance of the government, he condemns my performance also. When somebody calls for the president not to contest for election, he is passing a negative verdict on the government of the day, and I am part of this government. So I have every sense of responsibility to stand by this government. I am under oath to be loyal to this country, the flag, and the Federal Government. I believe that the Minister of Information did his job.

Some believe you were probably deployed from the backdoor of the Presidency to do the other side of the attack on Obasanjo.

Between me, you and God, I say this with all honour; nobody made me say something about Obasanjo. If anything, I am known for how I stood by Obasanjo and how I supported him. What makes him think that he alone has the solutions to the problems of Nigeria? What qualifications does he have for this? In his first election (1999), he didn’t win one state in the entire South -West of the country, including his own state, Ogun.

By 2003, he virtually went on his knees and made a deal with some governors that he would support them to get back their seats if they didn’t disgrace him. He betrayed them. The only governor that refused to be hoodwinked was Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who won his seat without the help of Obasanjo. The remaining governors lost their seats.

When Goodluck Jonathan was in power, he also wrote a letter to him. He believes that the destiny of any president is in his hands. He believes that his support is critical. This must stop.


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