Performance Of My Government Is Below Citizens’ Expectations – President Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has acknowledged that performance of his government is below citizens’ expectations.

He explained that the level of damages met by his government took two years to be addressed. As a result, there is little to concentrate on projects that ensure the government fulfills its electoral promises.

President Buhari made this disclosure during his speech at the National Working Committee (NWC) meeting of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) held on Tuesday, February 28, at the party secretariat in Abuja.

“Mr Chairman, members of the National Executive Committee, I must acknowledge that the pace of government has not met the expectations of many within our Party. But few of us knew or appreciated the depth of the hole when we took office. Thus we spent the last two years digging the country out of the mess we met,” he said.

The president also used the occasion to list some of the achievements of his government. Some of the listed achievements include Naira stability, increase in foreign reserves to US$40 billion, the decline in inflation rate among others.

“Mr Chairman, Members of the National Executive Committee, we cannot afford to fail to remind Nigerians where we came from in 2015. I am happy to report that slowly and steadily we have managed to stabilize the country and re-direct the ship of the State.

“We have restored prudence to the management of public finances. Confidence in Nigeria has been restored. On February 23rd, Nigeria issued 12 years and 20 year Eurobond on the international market, which was both oversubscribed. The 12-year bond was within days subscribed by 332%. The 20-year bond was subscribed by 372%.

“We have stabilized the Naira, increased our foreign reserves from US$20 billion to US$40 billion. The inflation rate is down. With considerably fewer resources available to the country, we have improved all indices towards a stronger economy,” he said.

Buhari also called for cooperation and collaboration among members of the party and warn them never to forget where they came from in 2015.

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