Benue State And The Lame Politics Of One Chance – ‎Orkuma Hembe‎

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Besides the paris club refunds, bailouts etc, State allocations have been regular since The Excellency took over. Salaries have not been paid because ghost workers inflated the states wage bill according to them.

If the allocations for the past 12 months were 3billon for example per month, it then means some 36 billion naira should have been saved somewhere in the state cauffers. This amount should clear 6 months salaries at a stretch if there is any morsel of truth in their claim especially now that infrastructural work is visibly and rudely absent within the state.

The only new look our state wears now is the excellencies bill boards with the first lady both smiling profusely just in the same manner our sister Pentecostal pastors and their atese pose for crusade adverts.

On one of the billboards just after the SRS junction in North bank, the female excellency is described as Benue’s sweetest mother.

When he spoke about his so called humble beginnings during campaigns he was always quick to mention his motor park background, little did we know that our or draba had set us up for one chance.

I am saddened by the continued killings of our people by herdsmen; yet I see a lot of politics in the proposed mass burial of our idoma families who were recently gruesomely murdered.
The proposes mass burial in my opinion is targeted at reconciling the very relevant critique our people raised over the poor handling of Agatu killings that preceded the Guma killings.

But who am I to dwell too much on lost lives especially when we are all hurt. Someone else may misunderstand my motive.
I sincerely simpatgise with those who lost dear ones

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