Why The 2019 Election Is Such A Big Game For Buhari And NASS

It was reported earlier today that about 10 members of the Senate have staged a walk-out in protest against the adoption of the report by the Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committee on the Amendment to the Electoral Act.

The protesters say despite the adoption of the report by the Senate, they would insist on its reversal. They alleged that the amendment was targeted at President Muhammadu Buhari.

This is the real red flag ahead of the 2019 election based on the following facts:

First, the lawmakers know as of fact that President Buhari has lost his goodwill and stands a very slim chance in 2019 election hence the need to avoid what happened in 2015. They cannot allow Presidential Election to come first and affect their chances of return to National Assembly.

Secondly, There is need to protect themselves against any planned political manipulation by way of rigging or any event. By making the presidential election come last, they are sure to retain the support of the President and his INEC to avoid any bitter payback.

So why are there lawmakers protesting this wonderful move to protect every members? This is why it’s a political game and every move gains reward after some times.

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