2019 Election Is To change The CHANGE Of Charlatans

Nigeria is a country ruled by charlatans and the point at next year’s election is to change things.
Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was saying yesterday in the newspapers that “State Police”
is the way to go” to curb genocidal killings by Fulani herdsmen rampaging Nigeria. He is so wrong;
and so very wrong, on two grounds.

First, like an ostrich,
Yemi Osinbajo hides his head in the ground so as not to see obvious
violation in the carrying of assault rifles by the rampaging Fulani herdsman.
It is illegal under Nigerian law for anyone to carry assault rifles without
being a serving member of the armed forces. Yemi Osinbajo said nothing about
this obvious crime in full glare. He rather wants state police in each of the
36 states of Nigeria as the solution. On that second ground he is wrong again.

State Police will involve creating no fewer
than 20 border posts in each state since the herdsmen take bush paths.
20 border posts per state will then become battle fronts multiplied by the 36
states in Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen are armed with assault rifles which the
Police in Nigeria do not bear. In theory a state’s police team will be no match
against assault-rifle-bearing Fulani militias disguised as herdsmen. It is for
disparate weaponry that a battalion of soldiers was instead deployed to Benue
state by the Nigerian Army whose soldiers are better-trained with assault
rifles and grenades to overrun and neutralize the genocidal Fulani militias.

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